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Thread: Friends Season 10 Episode 1

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    I hope it gets on kazaa fast

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    i thought they stopped makin it , could u post me a website link!!

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    can you believe series 9 dvd costs 100?!?! I personally think that's daylight robbery. suprnova may have the file now, usualy does with these things (day before)

    edit*** suprnova doesn't have it, yet...

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    if it is aired for the first time 2morow, how can it b out on kazaa???

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    Friends has got less and less funnier as the season have gone on...

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    cant wait for series 10.
    classic friends are better but oh well. still entertaining nethertheless.

    ive heard after this series Matt Le Blanc (Joey) is making a show called "Joey"

    maybe funny or maybe just lame?

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    West Wing tonight!!!!

    Alias on Sunday and Scrubs a week tomorrow!

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    Chandler, in my opinion keeps the show alive, he is by far the funniest...

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    It doesn't seem to be as good as it used to be. It's hard to tell if that's because it's running out of ideas, the characters' lives' are getting more serious, or that we're getting used to it.
    However, I still watch and enjoy it and prefer it to most comedies. When compared to itself previously it feels it's declining yet it is still right up there as one of the best.

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    Friends is gay

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