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Thread: How to improve searching ebook using indexing sites of usenet?

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    tufu1019's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    May 2009
    I'd been with usenet for 3 years and private tracker in recent half year.
    My favorites are HD stuffs and eBooks.
    I have no problem with HD stuffs from usenet but I do find it is difficult for me to find medical
    ebook stuffs using usenet indexing sites.

    So I usually use bittorrent sites such as Demonoid , now) and DLLs
    such as Wares-BB etc to find the medical eBooks.
    Until now I get most of my medical stuffs from BT or DLLs and only a little from usenet.
    Any suggestion to improve searching eBook esp in medicine from usenet?
    I know that in HD some forums such as can be helpful because some of the HD were
    released with files in abbreviation or some "rapidoor post".
    So,I'd also like to know whether there have some websites or forums which discuss the eBook in usenet
    which will be helpful to get the Ebook especially in medicine.

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    Did you try all the search engines and search for your specific book already? You can always make requests to in iRC as well, and if anybody has them they will fill (release them), I can't say myself I ever/never look for ebooks, but there are a ton on ed2k (eMule), blogs, and sites you mentioned, but other than that I've not seen any besides gaming ebooks on usenet.

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    tufu1019's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    I don't know whether there have any tricks while browsing ebook using usenet search engine.
    I only used ,NZBsRus and NZBMartix to find the files I need. Any other search engine suggested?
    For example,when I typed "neurology" in above sites, I coud barely find anythings related to neurological books.On the contrary,I can find a lot of books about neurology in BT or DLLs.

    Ya,it's my problem. I'm not good in direct communication with other people. So I don't use any MSN,Yahoo messenger or mIRC.Maybe that's why I can not get what I look for.

    For HD stuffs I use usenet and PT both which can compensate for each other,
    but for eBook I just go to the BT or other filesharings.Maybe I missed something?

    BitMe as the best e-learning tracker is also one of the hardest site to get in. For me it is too difficult to get an invite. Anyone in BitMe know whether there have much medical ebook stuff over there?

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    I also use alot of medical books but find all I need on torrents which is fine as they are generally small files so I don't mind d/l them at slower speeds. Bit che is useful.


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