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Thread: Scene MP3 Trackers

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    Hi all

    I'm currently on a 40/5 Mbit line, upgrading to 60 Mbit soon.
    And within 1 year i'm getting fiber.

    Now my main interest are scene mp3 releases (0day or 0sec).
    I am a member at stmusic, filemp3 and scenerace.

    But these al got quite some shortcomings:
    Stmusic (down all the time & no updates)
    Filemp3 (many releases won't get list & only a few updates)
    Scenerace (only updates every now and then...)

    To be honest i don't have much to offer.
    I do got stmusic invites and a demonoid account to trade, for anyone who's interested.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
    I can send ratio proof through p.m.

    Regards and thanks!
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