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    hello guys i just got my sb today its u torrent webui syas like that,actually im new to sb this is my first time,i know how to add a torrent file and i did downloaded and seeding,but the thing is i dont know where its gone,downloaded file,do i have to change something,i think 3 or 4 ppl sharing this sb,please i really need a help from u guys,thanks in advance

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    Your seedbox axx should also come with ftp acc. Check where you files are downloaded to in utorrent : Prefrences --> Directories. Then use the ftp user and pass to access your files, and download them to your harddisk.

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    now i little bit understand,before i use utorrent and download movies etc.. through that,today i saved torrent file to my pc and add that to sb,after it finished download and start to problem is if i have sb but i have to download the torrents normally using utorrent rit


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