Vulnerability Renders MPAA/RIAA Copyright Warnings Useless

In a bid to educate pirates, copyright holders hire companies such as BayTSP to track down people who share their titles on P2P networks. The alleged infringers then receive a warning and are given the opportunity to resolve the issue. However, this system is vulnerable to abuse and therefore completely useless.

Companies like BayTSP have the honorable task of joining BitTorrent swarms and other file-sharing networks looking out for copyright infringers. When someone shares a piece of a copyrighted file with them, they log the IP-address, look up the ISP and send out a copyright infringement notice automatically.

These notices usually list details about the infringing file, the personís IP-address and the time the infringement was recorded. In addition, BayTSP includes a link to a response form where you can indicate whether or not you will comply and remove the file from your computer.

The problem with these response forms is that they are not very secure. If you get a notice from BayTSP, someone else can easily find it through Google for example, and fake a response in your place. There is no way for them to tell who responded to the complaint unless the response originates from the IP-address linked to the infringement.