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Thread: Burning Question

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    Hello all I dont know if this is in the wrong place or not but here goes...
    I just got a PS2 and I want to burn games to cdrw and play them with a modded PS2. I know how to burn P.C. games but I dont know how to burn PS2 games.
    Do you burn PS2 games like a P.C. game ???
    How do you know if the PS2 game your downloading is from a cd or dvd ???

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    You have to make an ISO of the PS2 game and burn it as a IMAGE on nero.

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    Originally posted by Shad0w Hacker@25 September 2003 - 06:30
    You have to make an ISO of the PS2 game and burn it as a IMAGE on nero.
    Thats the way how you do it...

    Image Resized

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    will cd to cd burning using clone cd work?

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    So the same way as a pc game from the internet.
    If I rent 1 from a video store then i can copy it using nero copy ???
    Do I need a dvd rw to do the dvd games ???

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    well, ps2 is a dvd game system

    ps wasn't

    you'd need a dvd burner for ps2
    cd burner for ps

    I'd use clonecd for ps games

    clonedvd for ps2 games


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