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Thread: Use Bittorrent anonymously with Supercharge my torrent

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    Looks like the market for anonymous Bittorrent solutions is getting more and more crowded: A new service called is offering to anonymize your Bittorrent usage for five bucks a month by rerouting all of your torrent traffic through its servers. A two day test membership costs just a dollar.

    And no, this is not just about piracy: A service like this will also bail you out if your ISP or your campus network operator is messing with Bittorrent traffic.

    What's interesting about Superchargemytorrent is that it's based on a Socks proxy server, meaning that you don't have to set up a VPN connection for all your Internet traffic, as it is the case with Torrentfreedom, [url=[/url] and other competitors. Instead, you just enter the proxy server's address and your credentials into uTorrent or Vuze, and you're ready to go.

    Why does that make a difference you ask? Because many web offerings nowadays depend on localization in one form or another. Let's say you use a VPN provider with servers in Canada. Sounds good in theory, but it also has the consequence that won't let you watch any of their clips anymore. To them, it will look like you're Canadian.

    I had a chance to test the service over the last couple of days, and I didn't really notice any difference in speed compared to a regular Bittorrent connection. That being said, I do have a rather slow residential DSL connection. FIOS users may see different results.

    Of course, whether one uses a service like this is ultimately a question of trust, and I must admit the website doesn't exactly look like something I'd want to invest my life savings in. However, I did have a small problem during sign-up, and the support staff was very helpful - even though I have a feeling I wasn't actually talking to the lady pictured on the site ...

    Source: p2p-blog Homepage: Superchargemytorrent
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