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Thread: Good NZB indexer/group for sports? (NBA/NFL etc.)

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    Hi guys. I hate to request with my first post but Im kind of in a to go or not to go Usenet mode right now. However I'm not really into Movies and stuff as Im a sportaholic. I can't seem to find any games though browsing through sites as nzbmatrix? I'm kind of a collector and enjoy watching full seasons so I thought I'd try to ask if you knew about some site that has something like:
    Cowboys - Packers wk3 08, Steelers - Eagles wk3 08, Saints - Broncos wk3 08, the Mariners game from this Wed. etc. Or let's say all Dolphins games of 08.
    I'd really like just going Usenet and forgetting about this torrent stuff but then I'd really have to rely on the fact that stuff like this would be possible to get, maybe there is some kind of way to req. this otherwise?


    Edit: Well I found some NBA games browsing through the "history" page but I am yet to find the football.
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    There's game out thre, try searching here, just type in NFL or NBA or MLB

    Football would not be around, well it would be but at least over 200'll need to wait for the season to start to see some football game being uploaded.
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    NZBMatrix doesn't index everything. Have a look at BinSearch and Newzleecher.
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