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Thread: OVH to drop setup fees

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    Let's go crazy!

    Yesterday an article appeared comparing Dedicated server
    hosts in Europe and the amount of servers they host.

    There is therefore a mistake on our end due to our
    subsidiary site that is not up to date with the actual number of servers.
    It will be corrected within 30 minutes.

    But there is also Ovh servers hosting 55,000 (55,102
    to be precise wwith co-location + shared hosting servers)
    would be the No. 1 in dedicated server.

    Ties ...

    Well, then, take this news, to formalize the fact
    Ovh permanently removes the cost of installation on
    dedicated servers. The measure put in place 6 months
    ago to combat turnover does not work.
    We therefore removed this, and you think about
    what must be done to avoid turnover.

    Well enjoy ... and we're on our way to 60,000 dedicated servers?
    so we will avoid discussion ...
    Let the fun begin. Checked their site and there are no more setup fees!

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    this sounds like really good news,for a single user server, I'd now prefer ovh SuperPlan Mini over severlu's DS2000 unless lu scrap its setup fee too.
    guess this also means some resellers can lower prices on ovh servers.
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    .lu won't waive setup

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    Guess after over a year of dominating the seedbox market and trying to paint users in a corner, they are now doing everything they can to win them back thanks to coming in. I would love to ditch my SP Storage, it's the only remaining memory of OVH I have.

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    I don't think has anything to do with that. We have never been anxious to get OVH customers and we have never done any agressive marketing.

    I still see no reason for to drop setup fees though because OVH does not dictate prices.

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    imho, OVH is for people who want a server for cheap, .lu is for people who want quality.

    Just because .lu doesn't care about what OVH does, doesn't mean that feeling is mutual. They could be trying to attract customers, even though I think that they feel that they are dominant with however many thousands of servers they have.

    The results will be interesting to see, because I think dwdm has said all along that people will leave if they find a service that is 1 euro cheaper. If people jump ship back to OVH, I'd expect an "I told you so!".

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    I expect people to jump ship, but this has already been forecasted in our current business model.

    Those people that jump back and forth all the time are not worth the trouble, because that's the bunch of people that use every single drop of bandwidth they can get. It may sound harsh, but it's sad truth.

    If one tiny setup fee is holding off a customer, that's a sign. A customer who is willing to pay a very little setup is more likely to stay longer than not paying any "entry fee" at all.

    Nevertheless we still provide 100 MBIT/s per server and we don't have a per customer model like OVH does. So our resellers are better off than OVH's.

    Sidenote: any want-to-be customer who is contacting us and trying to make his point by telling us "but with OVH you get this and that" should not expect a reply. We simply do not want to do business on such a level of discussion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwdm View Post
    So our resellers are better off than OVH's.
    Is the reseller program back? If yes, who do I email :-)

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    great news

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