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Thread: 1TB hdd problems

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    i think my mobo is too old to support 1tb hard drives. i recently got a WDC black 1tb, but my bios just flashes the area where the HDD size is meant to be.

    works fine in an external enclosure thru usb. im not surprised, my mobo is 8 years old.

    would this be the remedy to my problem? or is it impossible because of the old mobo? (asus a7n8x deluxe)

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    If your mobo supports Sata then you shouldn't have a disk size problem since it only applies to IDE drives.

    If your current mobo doesn't support Sata then that card (and others like it) will solve your problem.
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    What about using your WD tools to create two 500gig partitions on the drive.

    You do realize that the A7N8X has sata 150 connectors right? that means if your new drive is Sata 3g then you have to position the jumper to make it a 150 compatible drive, check its manual.

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    try updating your bios.


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