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Thread: Tiger 2003

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    Anyone else played this yet, if so how are the control for ya, I am noticing that the mouse is very sensitive, hard to actually slow down a swing. I am hopping that this is because my golfer still sucks and that it will get better but it is very frustrating, i am always flying greens, it is like I am really on the course. ( I am a terrible golfer)

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    Get 2004. its out now

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    Originally posted by Russo@25 September 2003 - 01:27
    Get 2004. its out now
    Shit, mis-type meant 2004.

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    Ok since you have 2004 tell me does it have more than one type of swing. i tried 2002 i think and it only had the true swing (where you push your mouse back and forth) i prefer the classic triple click swing.

    Does it have more than on type of swing?

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    Yes, the standard forward back, inverted, 2 click and 3 click. I am not a big fan of the click system more a feel for the swing using the mouse forward and back.

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    I am playing 2004 n its much better than 2003...

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    are there any sources on Klite yet?

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    golf sux and golf game suck more lol so stupid

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    I just played 2004 ... its much better than TW 2002 and Links ... im very impressed

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    just got reseed @ suprnova
    need bittorrent thoe

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