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Thread: New Pixar movie " Up"

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    This looks great , heard it was in 3 D . Playing at Cannes I believe and I can't wait .

    Link :

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    It's getting great reviews and I'm looking forward to it.

    "Before he could go Up, Pixar's Pete Docter had to risk going down, in more ways than one.
    The director of the levitating love story picked to open the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday – the first animated and 3D film to be so honoured – took a bold gamble in bringing his vision to the screen.
    Up won't seem like conventional family fare when it hits theatres May 29, despite its allusions to The Wizard of Oz. The hero of the tale is crabby 78-year-old balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, voiced by Ed Asner, who attaches thousands of helium balloons to his dilapidated house to finally go on the South American adventure he'd long promised his late wife Ellie.
    First blush to final tears between Carl and Ellie is shown through a flashback montage that's so poignant, moviegoers will be choked up before they finish the butter on their popcorn.
    Carl's accidental sidekick for the South American sojourn is an annoying tubby kid named Russell (Jordan Nagai), who wants to do a good deed to earn his Wilderness Explorer badge. There's not much snappy dialogue between the two.
    Sound like summer fun to you? It's not exactly Toy Story or A Bug's Life or Monster's Inc., previous Disney/Pixar hits that Docter helped write, animate and/or direct, and which were loaded with colourful characters. Carl isn't the least bit likeable, at least not at first, and Up is banking more on the Pixar name than on marquee appeal".

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