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Thread: Large Capacity HDD Review(s)

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    This thread is simple just review a large capicity HDD you have. Doesn't matter if it's already been reviewed, it's better to get more than one person's opinion


    WD 1TB Elements (Black) (WDE1UBK10000)

    Official Site: WDC

    High Capacity (1TB)
    Sleek/Compact Design

    No 'off' switch
    Terrible AC power supply


    If you're after a cheap 1TB drive then this is probably for you. The power supply died within a week of purchase but WD kindly gave me another one, and it arrived within the week.

    I might look into the "MyBook" series but if the power supply is anything like Elements I might look at another model
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    Probably THE most discussed HD on the planet, the last 6 or so months.

    TONS of blogs spewing venom at Seagate, etc.

    Once you get past the saber rattling, one starts putting the 'problems' into some kind of categories, and what you'll quickly figure out, is that 99.99$ (okay, I just made that figure up, but PRETTY CLOSE!) are folks that tried to use it on what I'll call 'unsupported operating systems/hacks'.

    This includes Linux, forms of Linux, and more wacky RAID systems than I'd thought existed. Or, apparently, Seagate thought existed. According to them, the actual failure rate on the returned drives were about as close to zero as one could reasonably get.

    Could the firmware have been better at launch? Sure, but again, 'unsupported operating systems/hacks' were the people that jumped on the bandwagon first thing, mainly (interestingly so), those whose hacked systems couldn't quite support multiple drives/arrays of smaller (thinking of 1TB as 'smaller' gets a ) sizes.

    So why the long dissertation? Because I've now had FOUR of these drives (about to buy a fifth, just wish the pricing would get 'soft'), on both W2k and Vista/32 systems for well over 4 months now, and my problems have been.... about the same as 99.99% of other buyers. Plug, format, run....

    BTW, Western Digital (A company I'll never buy HD's from due to decades long problems with their manufacturing), has both a 1.5TB and 2TB drive on the market. But I'll bet that Seagate has a 2TB ready to go, but is taking things real slow after the beating that they got from the hacker-types over this 1.5TB drive.


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