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Thread: Question About Lan

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    My LAN connection speed drop from 100mb to 10mb and i still haven't figure out why it happen. I have a built in LAN connection [motherboard elitegroup K7S5A] and i am on a network with my roommate.

    anyone else experience this before? Please if you can give me some advice or clue on it.

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    The speed posted in the little icon in the styetm trey is not your connection speed, it is the max speed of your network card. for a lan connection you want to have that set at 10MB/s anyway. It is not a big deal but recommended, so whatever yo did you fixed it. To see your connection speed (approx) go

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    ok thanks.

    Yea i know that it was my network connection speed not my dsl speed but i was just a little bother because of the changes. Does it really matter if it 100mb or 10mb?

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    Yes it does if you have a connection speed of more than 10 mbps. Otherwise it doesn't make any difference...

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