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Thread: [REQ] 720p/1080p Music Video Tracker!

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    Hello guys,

    As a birthday present, my dad made some money and got me a really great hi-fi set. Combining this with my popcorn hour, it's been great to watch high-def stuff on! With the great sound I was thinking of trying to build a collection of high-def music videos, which could be great not only for my family but also when I host parties at my place! If anyone could reccomend/offer a music video tracker that could offer high-definition rips of music videos, I'd be very thankful. I have indeed been trying to find one free for signups, but none can provide a diverse variety/huge library .

    If anyone could help, I'll show my proofs of course

    Thanks in advance!

    if it helps, I'm really into all kinds of music, from the gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt, to the power metal of Hammerfall. Indie, punk, ska, rock, metal, for me they're just words to describe the beautiful form of music.
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    Try bit-HDTV! The best is absolutely is,but invites isnt open.

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    i think we should start an "open invites @ hdbits, please" petition

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    Ehh all scene caps/rip of mvids use the codec x264 . I've seen a few 720p caps and one 1080p cap (Destination Unknown).

    Honestly Mvids are the only types of rlses the scene hasn't fucked up. I do hate it when a rls is overcropped .

    If you want you can get the scene video and mux it with flac audio? Or better still get a HD cap card, tune in on your favorite mvid channel and cap! then mux with flac?

    Edit: MTV has a HD channel. I've found the Mvids on Vuze's HD network alright if you want to sample it.
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    If yaz can st'mach RS/MU sites pm.

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    djerholler69's Avatar Love Bytes! BT Rep: +3
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    Apr 2009
    thanks alot guys for all your reccomendations!

    Sez, its okay mate, I've had a lot of problems with RS/MU previously so I'll just stay torrents/usenet Much appreciated though!

    From what I've seen so far, only M-V can do the trick, but I guess the invites are not open. Think I'll just close this thread and not waste anyones time

    Thanks again all!


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