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Thread: Sleeper Agents Mobilizing

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    Israel is secretly mobilizing its sleeper agents in the United States in the run-up to the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

    September 4, 2003
    By Gordon Thomas
    Exclusive to American Free Press

    In an unprecedented move, Israel has secretly mobilized its estimated 15,000 sleeper agents —known as sayanim—across America. For the past month, in the utmost secrecy, they have been briefed by former Mossad operations director, Raphael (Rafi) Eitan, on how to update the defense systems of synagogues, Jewish religious schools, Jewish banks, and other Jewish-owned institutions.

    Many of the sayanim—the name comes from the Hebrew “to help”—have received weapons training during their military service. Others have worked in U.S. military intelligence. A number are currently employed by police forces across the country.

    “While their allegiance to their birth country cannot be doubted, each sayan recognizes a greater loyalty: the mystical one to Israel and a need to help protect it from its enemies,” Meir Amit, a former Mossad chief, has said. He created the secret force of sayanim.

    Known as Israel’s “invisible army,” all its members are vetted by professional Mossad intelligence officers, called katsas, before being recruited.

    Sayanim reported that the FBI has identified 240 individuals living in the United States—mostly Saudis and Syrians—who are openly sympathetic to al Qaeda.

    “We have no hard evidence they are involved in the preparation of an attack to mark the second anniversary of Sept. 11,” an FBI source said. “Our policy is to keep close surveillance on them and move in at the first sign of an attack being planned.”

    This wait-and-see policy has angered Israel’s Mossad, which insists an attack is being planned. Israeli intelligence had given a similar warning before Sept. 11, 2001, which was dismissed as being “too vague” by both the CIA and FBI.

    To protect its massive multiple interests in the United States, Israel has decided to act alone. It will be seen by Homeland Security and the FBI as a vote of no confidence in their ability to protect Jewish interests.

    The information of a possible attack came from two U.S.-based katsas (Mossad agents). Each made a similar report to Mossad chief, Meir Dagan. Both reports stated al Qaeda terrorists in Canada are preparing to launch an attack in the United States. No date or target was provided.

    The decision to send Eitan—the Mossad spy chief who persuaded Jonathan Pollard to betray all of America’s most important defense secrets to Israel—was made by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

    Eitan is traveling on an Israeli diplomatic passport throughout the United States—and requests to question him about his activities have been rejected.

    In order to avoid creating a political problem with Israel, FBI Director Robert Mueller is said to have been ordered by Attorney General John Ashcroft not to question Eitan.

    A high-level administration source said: “In the end, we are both on the same side. We need to keep Sharon reading the road map to peace—even if it is in tatters right now.”

    On a recent fishing trip to Ireland, Mueller made plain his feelings along the banks of one of Ireland’s finest salmon rivers. A source close to Mueller said: “Once more the Israelis are trying to run their own show. Eitan appears to have mobilized a private army within the United States which will ultimately only be answerable to Israel.”


    In a separate but related incident, another former Mossad agent, Juval Aviv, has claimed in an email that Eitan is using the latest version of Promis—the sophisticated software that can track terrorists—to help to train sayanim.

    The software was originally stolen by Eitan from a specialist Washington computer company, Inslaw. Since then, Inslaw has developed several even more sophisticated versions of the program.

    Details are a closely guarded secret at Inslaw’s offices. But it is known that at least one major business corporation in Columbus, Ohio—where Eitan has set up base—uses a version of Promis.

    In his email, sent at 9:19 a.m. on Aug. 22 to Inslaw boss, Bill Hamilton, Aviv—who is president of the New York-based Interfor, an international private security agency staffed with former intelligence officers—makes an astonishing claim:

    The new version of Promis was tested in Ohio by you-know-who, and he caused the blackout last weekend.

    It was a test that was not meant to cause that much devastating damage, but because their infrastructure is so old and vulnerable, it went down without being able to correct itself. That is how we got the blackout in 2003.

    Mr. X is bragging about it and is quite impressed with Promis’s new capabilities.

    “You-know-who” and “Mr. X” refer to Eitan.

    Attempts to contact Aviv to discuss his extraordinary claim have failed. Aviv refused to take calls at his New York offices from where he runs his worldwide operations.

    Aviv has dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and claims that, as well as working for Mossad, he also led an Israeli army elite commando/intelligence unit. He worked in Mossad at the same time Eitan was its director of operations.

    Intelligence sources in Washington are puzzled why Aviv should have linked Eitan to the blackout. But the FBI is likely to question Aviv on his claims—unless they are once more warned off.

    Meanwhile, Eitan’s sayanim are fully mobilized.

    In an interview, Meir Amit has said: “Sayanim fulfill many functions. A car sayan, running a rental agency, lets his handler know if any suspicious person has rented a car. A realtor sayan provides similar information on anyone seeking accommodations.

    “Sayanim also collect technical data and all kinds of overt intelligence—a rumor at a cocktail party, an item on the radio, a paragraph in a newspaper, a story overheard at a dinner party. Without its sayanim Mossad could not operate,” claimed Amit.

    Between now and Sept. 11, Israel’s secret army will be reporting to Eitan under the nose of the FBI agents who continue to monitor his activities—but can do nothing to learn more by questioning the spymaster. Perhaps they are depending on their outmoded version of the Promis software to provide the answers.

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    The anniversary has been and gone and there's been no incidents then.

    What was the point of this thread, seeing as the prediction proved false?

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    defense systems of synagogues, Jewish religious schools, Jewish banks, and other Jewish-owned institutions.
    Shit, what have they been upgraded to?
    have received weapons training during their military service

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    Not "point" , but "points"! I found the article and thought it was interesting. The predicition has been made by many people. So I thought many people may not have known about the Israeli goverment "activating/mobilizing" its SLEEPER AGENTS. I am very sleepy right now , so i wont make an ass out of myself right now. I''ll come back tomorrow and give a better response :-)

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    It all just seems so sensationalist, you could have summed up the entire first half of the article by saying that Jewish people living in America have been warned to be extra vigilant.
    I mean quotes like
    Others have worked in U.S. military intelligence. A number are currently employed by police forces across the country.
    Sound impressive for a split second but what it amounts to is that these people are just bog standard people.
    The only thing special about these people i can find is that they've been vetted, which afaik probably means their nationality and the nationality of their parents was checked (thats what it means in Britain)

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    what's even more surprising to me that you never hear the voice of the american people as a nation, not a small group and an organization. but what do i know, I haven't been able to find certain keywords in any of the American media. the name of the software, the name of the head agent, the name of the group is three examples of many that are never found in the search engines of American Media owned by the big 5. the saga continues........ try it urself.

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    The only thing special about these people i can find is that they've been vetted, which afaik probably means their nationality and the nationality of their parents was checked (thats what it means in Britain)

    Depends upon the level of vetting.

    For example; most Civil Servants, Police and even Military are at that level of vetting...

    Positive Vetting for intelligence/national security purposes goes a whole lot deeper than that. It involves; for starters, visits to Family, neighbours and friends over the last 10 years by Special Branch.

    I had to undergo that 3 years ago...

    What else is involved, that isnt public, I havent a clue.


    If i was Positively Vetted now...I'd fail.

    Im pretty sure they'd find out about my activities with Im doing something Illegal, its possible to be blackmailed, hence I'd fail the vetting.

    Its not that I was doing something illegal that would fail me...its the possibility of blackmail.....

    If i was openly filesharing and sod the consequences, Id pass.

    As im descrete about it, I'd fail.

    You dont even have to be doing anything illegal, if the possibility of blackmail is there:

    For example; an openly Gay man would pass.

    A suspected Gay that was not "out of the closet" would fail.

    Big Brother, when he wants to know, knows a LOT more than you want him to know....

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    I was vetted as well, only to the lame level though. Apparently the higer level costs around 10 grand per person, and involves you being monitored for an an unspecified period of time by intelligence agents, and may involve GCHQ monitoring your phone, internet etc. Or at least those were the stories we were told.
    RF if I remember well the higher level is for Top Secret clearance, what were you working on to warrant that? Or would you have to kill anyone who read your reply?
    Apparently theres an even higher level for nuclear clearance

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    Does being part of a covert organization not smack of anti-nationalism?
    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.


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