Hey guys,

Just looking if anyone has any requests to a good movie torrent site? I'm pretty much looking for PAL DVD-Rs. Been using Pirate Bay since the dawn of time but for some movies the speed is painfully slow.

Just wondering if anyone could be nice enough to offer me an invite to a good site for this. I will confess I don't have any private torrent invites since I don't use any (except from PWT if you like wrestling) so I can't offer a trade.

I have a "dodgy" cable modem which hasa 50mb config file (although the modem maxes out at about 36mb down) which has 1.5mb upload. Isn't working at the moment, so I am using my 10mb subbed modem which has 768kb upload(still a good speed I think!).

And I always seed far more than I take, just in my nature! It's like a mini game to me :p

So I'll stop blabbing now. Cheers folks