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Thread: Audiobooks?

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    Anybody know of a good repository/site with a collection of links to audiobooks? Like, a huge amount of them.

    Any help appreciated. thanks!

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    By far the best way to access a huge range of audiobooks is to become involved with an audiobook newsgroup - the most active is alt.binaries.mp3.audiobooks (you can see this group's FAQ at

    To get the most out of Newsgroups you should do the following:

    - Read the guides in the Newsgroup forum on this site and learn how to create PAR2 files and NZB files.

    - subscribe to a good News service that provides anonymity by not keeping logs - I suggest Astraweb. Some ISPs provide a good quality news service themselves, so you may not have to pay for a commercial service. My own ISP provides a direct feed to Astraweb as part of its service.

    - get a good free News reader such as Grabit and subscribe to all active audiobook newsgroups.

    - get a good posting program such as YEncPowerPost.

    - check the audiobook newsgroups every day as the books don't stay available for long (depending on your news service).

    - start posting your own audiobooks. Once you have a good reputation for posting, start requesting the audiobooks you particularly want, and people will take notice of you.

    If you do all of the above, I can virtually guarantee that your collection of audiobooks will expand dramatically over time.


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