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Thread: Best practices for CD ripping

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    I've bought a new hi-fi system recently and now I'm interested in highest quality lossless music. Naturally, I would like to be a member of Pedro's someday, but in the meantime I'm looking forward to ripping and encoding my current audio CD colection. (I use EAC and FLAC.)

    I've heard that Pedro's has perhaps the highest quality assurance out there and I would be very interested in their guidelines/instructions for ripping and encoding (as well as naming conventions, booklet scanning, etc.). Is it by any chance possible to get access to these guidelines or does one have to be a member? (BTW, I'm aware of the excellent guide at

    Thanks for letting me know.

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    Hi flacktrack,

    Here are the Pedro's rules and guidelines - I only post it because I believe letting people know how to rip stuff properly is not a sin and can theoretically help everyone here.

    Ripping Guide (plain text, does not contain images)

    Uploading Rules (these guidelines contain some vital information(for example naming conventions) so you should be familiar with it as most of the lossless communities use these configurations)

    All the text is of course a property of Pedro's BTMusic. Use at your own risk.

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    You do this?

    Never thought twice about wanting better quality... Is that not good enough for you? Sounds to me like someone is a little OCD but who am I to know, I'll usually transcode to V0 afterwards.


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