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Thread: Twiggy (jeordie White) Joining Apc

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    May 2003
    What is everyone's thoughts about Jeordie White joining A Perfect Circle? What do the Manson fans think? I myself think its great. He's a great bassist and will be perfect with the band. And he's kinda cute without the makeup.

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    i agree with everything except that hes cute. he was a member of marilyn manson..

    but yea, he should bring some more metal to the sound.. apc is more hard rock right now. It should be interesting, and id love to hear the results.
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    Jeordie has always been cool...was my favourite member of manson&#39;s band...i think he was a bigger personality than manson...and yeah APC are in my top bands...i think Jeordie brought some stuff to the table even though he wasn&#39;t there for the whole recording process...But they have a nice new unique sound and im happy for them...

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    its a great move for him apc is a great band i went to see them live and they were really good with the new members B)


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