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Thread: Cd-rw

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    I tried to copy mp3 to audio on roxio the way exeus says , only to be prompted that cd-rw's wont play on an ordinary cd player.
    Is this true ?

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    I'm not too sure on this but the tracks on a cd-rw won't play on a normal cd player if their in mp3 format

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    the cdplayer must support CD-RW!

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    I recently bought an discman which could read - as I read - MP3's - I only tested CDr, not CD-RWs, but I am going to test one, cause it sounds good :) you can change music songs on CD RW :)

    thanks anyway, david.

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    you got a discman which supports cdr - cdrw with mp3s our audio cd for
    49Euro ~ 49$ on - and on I bought mine for
    just 39Euro :) but they are cheap now :) and the ndiscmans do not use so much poser as the older, although my old one is good, too :)

    thanks anyway, david.

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    ive got a beatman mini-cd player, it plays mp3's of an 8cm cd. i get about 3 albums to a cd. good because it only cost me 30 quid.
    p.s. the actual retail is 80


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