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Thread: jv16 PowerTools Lite

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    PowerTools Lite is a free registry and system cleaning utility based on jv16 PowerTools 2009 utility suite, one of the best available registry cleaning utilities. PowerTools Lite is designed to provide regular or novice users with a safe, effective registry and system cleanup. It removes unnecessary data from the registry, performs a general PC cleanup, and cleans MRU and history data from most applications and from Windows.

    PowerTools lite is a freeware version of what arguably is one of the best commercially available registry cleaners out there, jv16 PowerTools. I first used that program about 10 years ago or so when it first came out. At the time it was freeware and was very well received and as it developed it was widely lauded as one of the best programs in it’s class; which is why it was eventually bought and re-released as shareware (the last freeware version is still available on the net). This newly release freeware version (PowerTools Lite) is a version of jv16 PowerTools which contains some of the core functionality of that software (and to be honest with you this functionality is what I would care about anyway; all the other utilities that are added to the “suite” are bells and whistles that can be found in a number of available freeware titles).

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    Oh. Very interesting. I didn't know that there exist a jv16 PowerTools freeware version. Thank you for this information.


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