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Thread: Ned Kelly

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    Just bin watching the the trailers 4 the movie Ned Kelly and it looks like a good movie, not a fan of Heath Ledger or Orlando Bloom but they look like the right choice 4 the movie...

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    Wow isn't this film old already? Think it's been released for over 1-2mths and I think they already stopped showing it where I live. Could be coz i live in Aus, and that's where the film was made I suppose.

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    O i thought it was just out

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    Originally posted by MetroStars@25 September 2003 - 21:01
    O i thought it was just out
    lol i think there is a DVD Rip available by now

    EDIT - There Is ---> Ned Kelly DVDRip *Limited* 2003

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    yea i saw it bout a week ago and i thought it was a good film wasn't expecting it to be but yea i enjoyed it


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