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Thread: Adobe Golive Or Macromedia Dreamweaver?

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    Which one of these would be easiest for a beginner to design a site with?TIA

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    I prefer Dreamweaver MX 2004 out of Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe GoLive.

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    Dreamweaver MX is by far the easiest 2 learn...

    The interface of Dreamweaver is a little scary at first but once u get 2 grips with the basics of it, u will not look back...

    Do the Dreamweaver tutorials and u will b a pro in no time

    get the tutorials

    here -----------

    + Dreamweaver has all sorts of cool extensions u can install...

    u will also need a gud iamge editing program 2

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    Cool thanks.I was kinda figuring on going with Dreamweaver just wanted some feedback.I'll definitely check the tutorials out.

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    yeah dremweaver mx is good, mx 2004 is a little diferent from normal mx, but its def better


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