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Thread: Some questions about OVH

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    First : does OVH trace US users and disable their servers ( as they said in their forums ) ?

    I mean If a person from US bought a server via a reseller , will OVH trace him (cause he lives in USA ) and disable the server .

    Second :

    I bought this server :

    can I split this server and make many OS on it ? like 5 Ubunto with different IP for each ?

    If yes , is there a guideline for this ?

    Thanks in advance ?
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    I don't see why they would disable you if you are in the USA .. if someone buys a server, its bound that people in other countries will connect to it.. even in the USA.. On there forum, they do not say that buying from a reseller is against their rules. Someone asked that question and they were told :
    We're aware of people reselling our products, but the idea of a reseller is to provide an extra service on the top of our product, not to sell in countries where we don't sell at the moment.

    If we don't sell to those countries, it's because of several reasons: security reasons, the fact that the bandwidth between those countries and the datacenters cannot be guaranteed unless we set contracts for peering, local support team in place, .....

    Once you know this, you're free to contact any reseller.''


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