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Thread: iPREDator

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    It was originally supposed to launch "around Wednesday" a few weeks back, although now it's changed to "as soon as we're stable". I've got no problem with them wanting to make sure it's reliable before launch, just wondering if some legal thing (not that they'd care?) has come up or something thats causing the delay?

    Under 5 a month to be totally anonymous on torrents. Sounds good!

    Thank you Pirate Bay

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    Isn't it a torrent site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATEE100 View Post
    Isn't it a torrent site?
    iPREDator is a VPN service (very similar to a proxy) that will be launched by the pirate bay, piratebay is a torrent site but you'll be able to use iPREDator for anything, although I presume it will be mainly torrents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipredator
    we store no traffic data
    Does each account have its own IP address, or will multiple accounts share the same IP? If it's 1 IP per account, then does ipredator keep logs of which account was assigned which IP when?

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    Noticed that the homepage has now just changed to the text "It Works!"

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    Nice. Anyone tested it yet?

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    Yeah. Has anyone used it? How's the speed?

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    The speed is great can max out my connection, but there are still invites, they havent released it yet


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