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Thread: The Return Of The King

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    What's been (or is) your most anticipated movie of all time??

    I can't wait for the final chapter of the Lord of the Rings, i've never wanted to see a movie more!! :

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    StarWars ep I The Phantom Menace

    and that was also the movie that disappointed me the most!

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    Totally agree, the phantom menace was feted by all star wars fans but it was disappointing on many fronts (special effects, story line etc)
    i honestly feel that the last 2 LOTR films have become classics in themselves but as a triology its been [will be!!] fantastic!!

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    matrix 2 was tooo overhyped. was a good film but bullet time left right and center.

    Jeepers Creepers 2, didnt expect it to be good :'(

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    Matrix Revlolutions

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    im looking forward to seeing kill bill its looks good but we will have to wait and see i guess

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    i hear that Rotk will have a really long war at the end
    the two towers war was pretty good and also cant wait for superman to come out

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    Superman? That's been out for a while hasn't it?

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    Originally posted by shad0w@26 September 2003 - 00:41
    Matrix Revlolutions
    the two movies i'm been watin to see

    proud to be american

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    I personally am really looking forward to Kill Bill.

    other greatly anticipated movies are:

    Red Dwarf
    Phanton Menace (dissapointment beyond beleif)
    lord of the rings 2 and 3.

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