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Thread: Installing TomTom Maps?

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    I've recently bought a TomTom XL and noticed there was an updated map. I've downloaded "TomTom.Maps.of.Australia.v8.30.2352.Retail-T0nK4" and I'm just wondering what to do after this?

    I've extracted all the rars and found a nfo (which wasn't included in the nzb) which said

    HTML Code:
    USE this meta 
    ; Australia_830_2352 
    F0 E0 C7 B3 0C 19 40 23 92 30 D2 C5 D7 82 29 70 Australia-61.meta

    Do I just copy/paste the "aus" dir to the TomTom?
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    I see TomTom has its own site with a help forum .

    Link :


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