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Thread: Transformers Ravage flash drive

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    Well damn it, I thought this was cool...the price is a tad high, well way high...higher than Willie Nelson. But I still would like one, at least one for my godson who I got hooked on Transformers by accident...but I would own one to. If it catches on maybe they'll make more, dunno though, I would want Starscream

    Ravage Flash Drive

    I have nothing but fond memories of my Transformers toys when I was growing up, but even with impressive additions like the Dinobots or SkyLynx, my hands down favorite transformer of all time was Ravage. Why? Because he folded up into an innocent looking micro-cassette that allowed him to be smuggled anywhere.

    Sadly Ravage’s stealth was also his downfall because one day he went missing, and was never seen again. But my memories of Ravage will now live on thanks to this transforming USB flash drive. It’s available for pre-order from the BigBadToyStore for $42.99 (eta September 2009) which is actually pretty expensive for a 2GB flash drive. Still, even if it only came with 128Mb on board I bet it would still fly off the shelves.
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    Price tag way too painful. You can get 4-6 normal 2GB drives for that price
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