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Thread: swepiracy support

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    swepiracy back again and i signup there but no activation email yet after signing up there 4 hour ago.

    Registration successful!
    In order to activate your account, please follow the link in the message that has been sent to
    Any help or support in this regard.

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    Translated parts from their FAQ:

    - If you don't have got your confirmation mail after registering, changes are that the mail is in your junk mail folder. If the message is not there either use this link to erase your account and redo the registration process again:

    - If you have lost your username or password, use this link to get your details in a mail:

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    #swepiracy @ freequest

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    I receive my activation code in few hours after my registration.
    Worry, in the confirmation code, replace the .hu by .org


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