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Thread: The "recommend a seedbox for me" thread

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    In this thread, say what you need in a seedbox and someone can recommend a provider to you.

    For example:
    I need a seedbox for under $30 with at least 150GB hard drive space.

    Another user will perhaps answer with the details of a provider that offers what you're looking for with a brief report about their experiences with said provider.

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    I need a seedbox for under $25 with at least 40 GB hard drive space, do you have any suggestions for me?
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    behind you
    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cinephilia View Post
    and I donīt have to live in France to get a server from Kimsufi?

    edit: gah. I want to pay for every moth, not three at the same time. );
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    You have to live one of the countries they sell to, eg. UK/FR/ etc look on their site for more info.

    And you don't have to buy more than 1 month, just change the duration at checkout.


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