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Thread: need rtorrent help

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    Hi guys ,

    my server admin installed rtorrent for me and I can use thepiratebay with it but never private ones , funny ... I installed torrentflux on the same machine and it works with all trackers actually used to work not anymore so I have to use rtorrent back again but I dont know whats the problem or what can the problem be , can anyone assist me with this please?My all stuff is latest version ...

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    maybe you have throttle on? other than that i can't see why it would work at one and not the other unless your version is out of date.

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    double check that the rtorrent and libtorrent versions match.
    example: 0.8.2/0.12.2 or 0.8.4/0.12.4

    using rtorrent 0.8.2 with libtorrent 0.12.4 could be an issue.

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    Why is it not working? Any error messages? how do you know its not working?

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    Make sure, that you really download the file with the propper wget-command or with ftp. Direct adding in the rtorrent-screen won't work; rtorrent only supports that 'simple' form of downloading a file, not that 'complicated' form with passphrases...


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