Does anyone else have this p2p program? It's mostly Japanese and it was pretty easy to set up. There is an English version but I'm not quite getting all of the features.

It's set up correctly and it's running fine, but what I don't get is I picked a few files and it says "registered to download." but that's it.

Now the program is downloading things. But what? I have a unity folder (a cache folder) that is 40g and it's filled up. Most of it is what I uploaded into it for others. I can't figure out what it's downloading. It's not downloading the files I wanted.

The things is about this program is it encrypts everything so you can't tell.

If anyone uses this program or has some useful advice or think they can help, please let me know.

If it just takes a long while to download, fine I'll just let it run. I know in Japan most people have fast Internet access and their upload is about equal to their download.

If anyone uses this sucessfully let me know