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Thread: Paint Shop Pro 8.1 Perview Released

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    Bluetack Mod
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    Jul 2003
    got this in my inbox a couple days ago.
    Dear Mark,

    Jasc Software is pleased to announce that a Preview Release of its
    upcoming Paint Shop Pro 8.1 update is now available for public download.
    Scheduled to be released later this fall, Paint Shop Pro 8.1 features
    widespread enhancements to product performance, addresses issues that have
    been reported with Paint Shop Pro 8 since the initial release and adds
    a number of feature enhancements.

    The purpose of this Preview Release is to gather feedback on the
    changes that have been made and ensure that remaining issues are addressed
    before the update is released. New feature requests and other suggestions
    will be collected for consideration in future versions of the program.


    This is a Preview Release of Paint Shop Pro 8.1. This means that this
    version of Paint Shop Pro 8.1 is not yet final software. The purpose of
    releasing this Preview Release software is to help us improve the final
    product through your feedback and defect reports. If you are not
    willing to test potentially unstable software and report any defects found,
    please do not install this Preview Release software.

    If you participate in Preview Release testing you should expect to
    encounter issues that may prevent you from using the software in a normal
    manner. If you are uncomfortable working in this type of changing
    environment or with the ramifications of any of these issues, we strongly
    encourage you to continue using your current version of Paint Shop Pro
    until the final release of Paint Shop Pro 8.1 when these types of issues
    have been resolved.


    Please note that you will need to uninstall your copy of Paint Shop Pro
    8.0/8.01 before beginning this installation.

    To download the most recent version of the Paint Shop Pro 8.1 Preview
    Release, click the link below and save the file to your hard drive:

    Locate the saved file on your hard drive and open it to begin the
    installation procedure. The final release of Paint Shop Pro 8.1 will include
    a patch that you can use to update your existing installation.


    As with previous releases of Paint Shop Pro, we are pleased to provide
    you with opportunities to discuss this update with other users and pass
    along any feedback that you have.

    A special Paint Shop Pro 8.1 Preview Release discussion group has been
    created in the Jasc User Forums at If you are
    already a registered member of the User Forums, simply logon and select
    the new group in the Paint Shop Pro Forum.

    If you are not a registered member of the User Forums, you will need to
    create an account before you can access the discussion groups. Using
    the link above, click on the "Sign Up" link at the top of the page to
    create a new user account. A password will be emailed to you and you can
    log in to begin posting comments and replying to other Paint Shop Pro

    You can access the User Forum discussion groups via the standard HTML
    web interface or with our new NNTP newsreader support. For details and
    full instructions on accessing the User Forums via a newsreader, please
    see the Forum FAQ group in the Getting Started Forum.

    In addition to discussion in the User Forums, you can also send in
    comments by email. To report any issues via email, please send a message to If you are reporting a defect, please
    include a detailed set of steps that will reproduce the problem. Due to
    the volume of email, we may not be able to answer every email, but will
    contact you if we need more information. Please be sure to use or
    include a valid email address where we can reach you.

    We appreciate your interest and support of Jasc products and look
    forward to releasing this new update for Paint Shop Pro 8.

    Your friends at Jasc Software

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    New York
    Have u used it? Which 1 is better 8.0 or 8.1 beta???

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    Bluetack Mod
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    Have u used it? Which 1 is better 8.0 or 8.1 beta???
    I am not sure yet as i have not had time to even download it yet. I posted this shortly after i read the email to pass the news along.


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