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Thread: NOVO & IGUANA releases

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    Aug 2008
    Hope you can help me...
    I just want to know in which tracker I can get NOVO and IGUANA HD releases?
    Except RBy!

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    captive's Avatar speaks.his.mind
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    May 2009
    think i seen a few on TL

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    Try scenehd or usenet

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    To be perfectly honest, invest a bit of money and get a Popcornhour, WDTV or similar. WMV is a crappy, proprietary Microsoft format that is a temporary phenomenon at best.

    H.264 compatible .mkv media players / streamers are so cheap these days (WDTV) it's not worth the trouble, not to mention the worse picture quality. And they can even play back WMV, if you have a collection already.

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    USENET is the best source. Every release is posted to the newsgroups.


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