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Thread: Playstation Versus Psx

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    Hi, I am new to the gaming thing and wanted to know whats the difference between a Playstation game and a PSX console and games? Can the games be played on each of the other's console? Thanx. Peace

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    They are basicly the same thing, only the Playstation was an earlier verion. Lemme explain. The Playstation was ORIGANLLY desinged to be hooked up/compatible with the SNES. Remember, this was a long time ago. Anyways, Sony or Nintendo broke off the idea and became seprate projects. Since they broke off the idea, they started calling it the PSX. And the SNES remaned the same name.

    So, like i said. PSX and Playstation are the a sense. There were only a few (EXTREMLY RARE) original Playstation games. So, in a nut shell, they are the same thing.

    (BTW, this should be in a different topic)

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    Cool, thanx for the info, Yea, I couldnt figure out where to post the question I appreciate the response. Peace..

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    Also PSX is now the name of the New playstation which sony are going to release, it will come out as WHITE but more than likely new coloured shells will be out soon after.


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