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    "One of the greatest inventions of all time is the Jumbo movie pop, way more beverage then you'll ever need, gotta love it! However as well all know the Jumbo pop has a dark side, the bladder isn't always strong enough to take it on in a head to head battle. The dilemma then becomes, hold it or sprint to go pee and risk missing an important part of the flick.

    BUT BOOM! Dilemma solved! Check out this website. It is almost as brilliant as the Knocked Up boy's it's

    Now you can see at what points into movies it's cool to run and take a pee. They give you 3 minute windows throughout the flick where it's cool to run wizz and get back without missing anything critical. Very smartly they scramble what exactly you miss so as not to spoil anything, it's up to you to use the unscramble button to find out EXACTLY what happened in the scene you missed while bleeding the lizard. BRILLIANT!"


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    I checked Dance Flick. It said the entire movie. Seems to be quite accurate.


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