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Thread: Embedded watermarks in audio files

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    I have read that some companies, such as Apple, have started embedding hidden "watermarks" within audio files, so that if anyone shares them, the original purchaser can be identified. My purely theoretical question is - if a watermarked file is converted from its original non-mp3 format to mp3, using a file conversion program, is there any possibility that the hidden watermark would still be present in the resulting mp3 file?

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    Yes, watermarks are in the signal itself, although you will be stripping metadata, indicative characteristic might still be intact.

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    Is this it?

    I wouldn't worry about it, people have bypassed DRM and I'm sure they'll bypass this watermark.

    It's no secret that there are even watermarks at the Cinema. So when you cam/pre* it you're meant to apply certain filters/crop it .

    *A high price to pay for a shitty pre
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