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Thread: Half Life 2 Vids

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    well I got PC Zone yesterday and it had a DVD with proper dvd videos that could be played on dvd player, I tried checking back well i cant see it, the only video ive seen on the net for half life 2 is that 1 where gordons on rooftops. well anyway with this dvd there is about 7 videos and they are F%^ING mint, the physics are really good, interact with every part of the enivronment the face moving of g-man, all im saying is if u can dl them or buy the DVD i would if u are a fan and they are comparing halo-hl2-doom3 cos they've played them all

    edit: just found them im going they are here

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    Is it that 600+MB video of the entire Half-Life 2 E3 presentation? That rocked.

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    half life 2 vs halo vs doom 3

    halo suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i mean single player is fun but its no match against half life 2 and doom 3

    doom 3 vs half life 2

    half life 2 winz cuz i dont liek doom 3 its scary


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