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Thread: Buffalo LinkStation Live: New BitTorrent-enabled Device

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    Buffalo LinkStation Live: New BitTorrent-enabled Device

    Buffalo LinkStation Live
    Is a storage system device that has built in DLNA server, allowing users to share their files such as movies, music, photos, and documents to other people using a network.

    One of the main highlight of this new device is the Bittorrent-enabled feature that will prevent backlogs and slow
    downloads and uploads which often occurs when a user is transferring or receiving huge digital files. This feature makes this ideal for file-sharers who want to download the latest music or movie files from
    the Internet.

    Meanwhile, this device also features Direct Copy that allows users to easily transfer any digital files such as videos, photos, and
    documents using USB 2.0 port.

    Another notable technology is the gigabit Ethernet port for fast computer networking, allowing users to share there data easily to a
    network of computers. With this feature, the Buffalo LinkStation Live is ideal for small office or home network.

    Other features of this device:

    power saving functions

    low energy consumption

    iPhone users access to web, allowing them to visit digital library on LinkStation

    Apple Time Machine support

    Providing easy access to music files on LinkStation from iTunes program

    Compatibility with different entertainment media devices.

    Fast and easy connectivity through USB hard drive

    Support for Windows and Mac computers (this supports operating
    such as (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/ Win Server 2008/2003, Mac OS 10.3.9)

    Expandable storage via additional USB port

    Easy set up

    500GB storage capacity

    Ethernet LAN

    Built-in bittorrent client

    Built-in print server that will allow users to print files from any computer network

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    the bittorent client works well with open trackers not so well with the private ones

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    You'd need to check which client it's running, or at least how it identifies itself as.
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