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Thread: Any Paypal&MB user ?

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    Hey buddies , as it's here the place of general talk .. So i need a help:
    I wanna to buy a program but the site accept only Paypal & it isn't supported in my country , only MoneyBooker we can use here

    So I need only 5 euros via "Paypal" & i'll sent this amount on "Money Booker"
    Sure i'll sent this money first no problem but i need a trustworthy guy

    Please i need this favor so fast as you can , Thanks alot.

    Mods; if this kind of topics not allowed here , close it ... It's only a favor not business deal.
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    /moved to fantasyland.

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    hehe why
    really i need a help The programmers accept only Paypal , no Moneybooker :S ahh sorry for wrong Title " Paypal "
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    I didn't read any of your post, but you're clearly lost.

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    Utorrent is the best

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    There's no maybe about it. On yer bike.

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    No, there's ^_^
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    Mods can close this topic , i already found my way
    Utorrent is the best

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    I'll send it to you, just send me your paypal details.


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