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Thread: Music and the death of Visual Arts?

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    I've had both oil painting and piano lessons starting from age 5 until age 12. Since then I quit painting and continued on with piano.

    My painting teacher was an old, kind and funny professor at a local university, and I really liked him. My piano teacher was this fresh-out-of-college woman who screamed and hit my wrist with a bamboo stick every time I played a wrong note, needless to say I'd still stab that bitch in the eye if given the chance today.

    Now I liked painting at first but have grown to hate it and the visual arts, and conversely stuck with piano ever since and have developed a passion for music.

    In my view, making music is a million times better than smearing some animal fat or graphite onto pieces of paper. The initial expense of acquiring an instrument as an disadvantage aside, all the benefits of learning an instrument outweighs taking up the visual arts. The ability to entertain others, to perform at ceremonies, to be recorded and put onto ipods, and the overall enjoyment factor of playing an instrument seems to me all the reasons one needs to choose music over visual art. Furthermore, successful musicians (classical and modern) enjoy much more wealth, prestige and fame than painters. Lastly, of all the friends that I can recall, about 20 play an instrument while I can't think of a single acquaintance who paints The music faculty at my university has over 400 students, while the visual arts department has less than 50.

    While I do appreciate classic paintings and see their value, I still view modern abstract paintings as absolute pieces of crap and fail to observe within them any artist worth.

    All in all, I believe the visual arts is on a massive decline, while through modern technology and improvements in living standards the availability of music listening and education has been made much more universal and affordable, thus music as an art form will surely continue to gain popularity and eventually kill off last of the funding and interest still lingering for the starving visual artists

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    they're both mind stimulating. sometimes looking at meaningless images is more interesting than listening music in a way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seedler View Post

    Do your own homework, knob-jockey
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