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Thread: Windows 2003 Help

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    Is the WIndows Server 2003 like Xp or what? I have Xp right now but if I get the new server am I still going to havce all my programs and stuff or what?

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    Microsoft Windows .NET Server 2003 is, obviously by the name implied, a server Operating System (OS), unless one of your computer's purposes is being a server, with say 2x 2GHz Pentium 4, 1GB RAM ..., then I doubt your computer will be capable of running it correctly.

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    935 works for me properly even tho i have an average pc spec. you dont need like 1 gig ram and 2 processors

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    I installed it on a computer that was PIII 700mhz with 512mb Ram and a 10gb hard drive to test out some features. It ran pretty good on that, but I really was not using it to if full capabilities, so it will need more horse power once you start using the server features.


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