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Thread: Hello! ISP blocking usenet?

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    hello all, happy to be a member!

    I recently moved to virginmedia cable, 20mb line from BT ADSL (UK)

    have been great up until past couple of months, when downloading posts via grabit or alt.binz, will initially get 16-18mb which will then progressively slow down to 40KB/s!!!

    This is compared to the 22mb I was getting before which would be chopped to 500KB/s in the evening if I was downloading too much which was fine.

    I am with newsdemon and have tried all ports, including the encrypted ones being 563, 80 and 81 (119, 443 and 8080 standard) - same problem, get close to full pelt at first then slows right down to 20-40KB/s

    Is this virgin's doing and if yes is there a way around it?

    cheers guys!

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    I have read that Virgin Media caps speeds during peak times. I don't live on that side of the pond so I haven't got any experience in that.

    This thread should help you understand a bit more though -
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    The FST group

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    thanks for the link mate

    away to read the link, as far as I know if you download a certain amount within a certain time-frame you are then capped to 500KB/s for the peak time of that day.....

    I shall no doubt get the lowdown via that link

    cheers again

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    New ISP is your only solution to Virgin Media

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    According to this recent discussion at DSL Reports, it appears that NewsDemon is indeed throttling connection speed -- and not telling anyone.

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    If you use SSL your isp cannot throttle the connection because they think it is usenet. SSL makes it look like any other traffic they cannot view.

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    I'm with virgin media, they will cap your speed if you download over a certain amount during the day. I schedule all my downloads for after 9pm, never have a problem with speed dropping.

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    Virgins traffic management system throttles your connection by 75% if you go over 7GB d/l between 10AM and 9PM. This includes streaming, surfing etc. It gets worse though......when you go over your limit your line is throttled for 5 hours. So if you go over the limit at 2PM you'll be throttled to 25% of your line speed until 1AM.

    So although your paying for a 20 meg line you only get to use if fully for 50% of the time.....retarded progress if you ask me.

    So for now you have to play Virgins game and d/l between 9PM and 10AM.


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