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Thread: unkonw problem,need help

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    i dont know if this is a software or a internet problem,if i have wrote in the wrong section,please move it to the right section,thank you

    i visit my uncle every 1-2 month and i use his computer to surf the net

    i am use to using opera for web browsing and utorrent for downloading stuff off the net

    so i download them off the net and onto my uncle computer and start using it

    when i leave my uncle says that after i have installed opera and utorrent on his computer,he can not login into hotmail to checks his mail,even using ie and opera

    he says before i have installed opera and utorrent he didnt have any trouble logining into hotmail

    is this hotmail problem or opera and utorrent causing the porblem ?

    i have the same software installed on my computer and i can log into hotmail and other email service well

    but not my uncle,what wrong,i need your help

    any help will be appriecated,many thanks

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    Being able to access a website but not login usually means that cookies are not working. Some email sites also require Javascript. So make sure both cookies and Javascript are turned on in the browser settings.

    I also suggest when using someone else's computer, use a flash drive with "portable applications" on it. Then you can just plug it in, do your stuff, then remove it when done, and the computer will be exactly as you found it: nothing else installed and no settings changed.

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    why not just have him use ie or FF...
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    you can use chrome as well :-)
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    The portable application suggestion is very good. I myself carry a usb flash drive(to work etc) where I have to login to multiple PCs to use them.

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    Ultra-customized portable Opera here. Won't leave a trace on the computer it runs on.
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