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Thread: How to hide my ip address

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    I think what i need to do is hide my ip address, correct me if i am wrong. I want to stop my isp from knowing what torrents i am downloading. Can you help me please, thanks for any idea. P.S program must be simple to use if there is one out there.

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    1) Your ISP always knows your IP address. If not, you would not be able to access the internet, that's why they are called Internet Service Providers.

    2) Your ISP can't directly tell what you are downloading if you've enabled encryption, and even if you haven't they don't use your IP address to find out that info.

    Consequently I don't think that hiding your IP address is what you need. If you rephrase your question to state what you are trying to achieve rather than trying to find a solution to a non-existent problem you have a better chance of getting helpful replies.
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