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Thread: Xp Activation

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    i installed xp home a few days ago, a proper paid for version, i havent activated it yet and i dont want to as i have three pcs in my house and i would like to have it on all of them but i dont want nor can afford three seperate versions.
    my question is do these cracks work for the activation and how the how do you use them as they dont come with any instructions, any help would be nice thanks.

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    If I were you, I would just go download Windows Xp Professional Corporate. All it is Windows XP Professional with no activation. So the extra options can't hurt only can help. There is many downloads for it. For bittorrent go to or you can easily search for it on kazaa.

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    if u dont no abt bittorrent then go here

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    thanks for the advice but i just paid 160 pounds for xp home and its as if i dont really own the poxy software. i want to crack that lousy activation so i can install it on other machines in my home and not worry about reinstalling in the future ect.
    plus i am on 56k and can only be online for a couple of hours in the evening so its not really possible to download large files spain is a pisser for broadband if you live in a village.

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    ive found that u can install it on as many computers u like ...after activating it...just dont try and egister it on any of the machines youve got it installled on

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    i cant see how that can be ,if i activate it on one machine and then try the same on a second one microsoft will know that the original key is already in use. thats the whole point of the activation thing ie one copy to one machine.

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    Do not try and activate on more than one machine.

    All you need to know can be found at brainwave's site. Click link for 'How to change the key....' and get the xpfixfiles.

    I do not know why so many people advise others to get XP Corp. The activation was cracked since day 1 of XP being released. Sure, get Corp if you're looking to download a version of XP. But if you already have a copy (of Pro)- it would be pointless getting Corp.

    Also, be sure to get XP-Antispy. (Click on Brit flag for English site.)

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    to solve your problem. this worked for a friend i don`t know if it will work for you

    1. get the window xp keygen at and make a key. follow the directions there

    2.get the Windows XP CD Key changer (copy and paste into your fav brower)

    "sig2dat:///|File:XPProCorp-keyChanger.exe|Length:48925 Bytes,47KB|UUHash:=M+inv2s0l/UBDxFMKIzbNuJA//8=|">XPProCorp-keyChanger.exe"

    and follow that directions given by the keygen

    I hope this works and again i don`t if this will work for you but try it out anyways

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    activate it hen dont register with microsoft hen put home on the other comps and do the same

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    activate it hen dont register with microsoft hen put home on the other comps and do the same
    As far as i know, you can only do that on 2 computers, however you can do it 8 months later again

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