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Thread: can i bypass my ISP limit ?

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    my friend got limited connection with 15 gb per moth , is there any way to download/upload without count value ?

    sorry for my bad english

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    aha I doubt it. Unless you connect to someone else's wireless or something. I mean they can see all the shit you download, don't see how you could download from them without them knowing.

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    Unless there is a way for your friend to purchase a pre-modded modem (usually a Motorola SB41-- series) and connect illegally, then the answer is very likely no. Please note that I don't encourage the practice mentioned above. I'm just saying that you could do that if you wanted.

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    ISP's that still rely on client-side hardware and software for bandwidth measuring (and hence billing) deserve to get bankrupt. All power to the modem hackers.

    However, this only worked with (certain) cable modems AFAIK, and not other ways of broadband access like DSL, which is much more common outside of the US.

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    In Australia usage is counted as it leaves the core routers within their network, so there's nothing you can do or have access to that will change it.

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    They can see how much you download no matter what you do...
    Unless you take the above comments to heart and get a hacked modem.

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    Is it like the connection was limited since the beginning, so since the moment you (well, your friend) signed up the contract with your isp, or the limits have been introduced later?

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    Maybe you could buy multiple internet accounts.

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    Some isp's will raise the limits if you upgrade your plan.
    Depending on where you live there should be at least 1 somewhat unlimited plan in most areas through different provider though.

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