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Thread: Iso File

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    Help. I downloaded a file that ends in .iso. I don't know what to do now to use this file.
    It is an operating system file.
    Thanks so much for the help.
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    winISO or ISObuster

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    it is a cd image file, you can use any cd burning tool to burn it onto a cd, or you can open it to get at files with the programs shadow suggested

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    id go for isobuster, as winiso has restrictions on the non pro versions.

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    Read the pinned topics - especially this one
    The Sexay Half Of ABBA And Max: Freelance Plants

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    Open Nero, go to File > Burn image...
    Locate and open the .iso file and burn it to a CD.

    Simple and easy.

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    can i just save it to hd and play it without having to burn to cd. please need answer

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    Originally posted by johnq86@27 September 2003 - 02:26
    can i just save it to hd and play it without having to burn to cd. please need answer
    yes thats how i do it
    deamon tools
    after installed click the icon by your clock
    mount image
    find your iso or nrg or bin or ccd or whatever cd format you could download
    saves cdr's and time
    great tool

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    daemon is the best for using cd images on Hard drives

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