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Thread: TvT, need some advice

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    Col. Skillz's Avatar Bacco,Tabacco,Venere
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    I've gotten used to seeding and getting a decent ratio at most sites, but TvT is a bit strange.

    I remember hearing it's basically ratio free... but if anything it seems harder because of the whole credits system. Not to mention the only things that are showing up as having leechers are season packs, Which is probably inaccurate, and at 5 gigs each, will cut my DL ability in half.

    The search options are somewhat cool, but I can't seem to search ALL torrents by "leechers" which is the "secret" (lol) to getting a decent ratio...

    So, can someone explain to me how to get by here? I don't want to run negative and get screwed out of DLing.

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    lmao,my advice would be you keep off any torrent with Gb on it.You might wanna also keep off searching for torrents even by number of leechers.
    Just bookmark the 'new torrents' page(link is on the left) then download those TV episodes the moment they are upped(pay keen attention to the popular TV shows as much as almost every torrent there eventually gets leechers )In no time you'll find yourself seeding to upto 4000%.
    But most important is you keep off any torrent bigger than 350MB for a while

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    All members can submit new files too (assuming you aren't at 0 credits) - so that is another good way to build credits. Just make sure its not something already on the site or you might lose your submit privileges

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    I remember hearing it's basically ratio free...
    Its not,upload raise your credits download decrease them,best would be to download something popular then take older torrents that have leechers believe me,especially now they have open sign up again,if you still cant raise your credits make a request for some bonus.

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    I don't think there is ever a secret to getting a good ratio. Despite all the tips and tricks I've read about, it seems to me that the best way to build up a good ratio on a new site is to focus on that site for a few days or weeks. Use your bandwidth to download fresh releases of popular shows and use common sense.

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    i think you need newest files. You can reach them in the "recently uploaded" section. As much as you download popular shows, you can increase your upload stats. And yes, if your credit is finish in downloading a file, your download will cut.


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